Annual Reports


2013 Annual Report  " The local stock market continued a positive trend as the Composite Index increased 11.3% to close 2013 at 1,185.05. ..."              
2012 Annual Report "In 2012 the global economy continued to suffer from the fallout of the 2008-2009 economic crisis. Global growth dropped..."
 2011 Annual Report "The year 2011 was a very challenging one for the world economy, the domestic economy and by extension..."
2010 Annual Report

"Last year was another flat year for the Exchange. The number of trades continued to decline, with activity....."

2009 Annual Report  

"The year under review was a very difficult one for the Exchange, yielding, a profit before tax of........."

2008 Annual Report  

"2008 was a very difficult year for financial markets with the major markets falling by record margins...."

  2007 Annual Report  

"Last year was yet another eventful and challenging one for the Exchange... "

   2006 Annual Report "The year under review was another challenging  year one for the Exchange... "
   2005 Annual Report

 "I am  particularly pleased to have the honour  and privilege of presenting this report as 2006 is a milestone year in the history of the Stock Exchange. ..."

   2004 Annual Report 

"The year under review was indeed an historic one for the local Stock Exchange ..."

   2003 Annual Report
"In the year to December  2003 four new companies were added to the offical list and market activity soared...."