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Time : Tue, January, 09, 2018 a 12:12:23 pm
Name : Marc Patihk
Email :
Comments : It would be so great to have a working mobile app that supplies stock priices and graphs obver the 5 years as most stock summary sites offer. Also , it took forever to register for information and it was because I had +1 ..

Time : Thu, December, 28, 2017 a 10:32:06 am
Name : David Levy
Email :
Comments : Hi, we are updating our calendar with 2018 holidays for your exchange and you have Dec 26th listed for christmas day and Dec 27th for boxing day - should that not be Dec 25th and 26th? Thanks David

Time : Sun, December, 10, 2017 a 11:02:37 am
Name : Khalid Hassanali
Email :
Comments : Re: ANSA Mc AL Shares 013084Please change mailing address to:15A La Rosalia Avenue,Central Park,Balmain, Tel: 688-2294

Time : Mon, November, 27, 2017 a 01:05:20 pm
Name : Bryan Wellington
Email :
Comments : Thank you for your reply, however I was asked by Mrs. Eva to send my request through the feedback tab, as I am looking to get a more detailed look into the bids and the offers. As opposed to a summary. This information is typical on foreign exchanges

Time : Mon, November, 27, 2017 a 12:40:18 pm
Name : Bryan Wellington
Email :
Comments : Good day. I am requesting access to the market depth of stocks that are being trading. I will like to know what the depth of the bids and asks are for the various securities so that I can make precise trading decisions with respect to my portfolio.

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