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Time : Tue, March, 25, 2014 a 10:05:49 am
Name : Luke St. Clair
Email :
Comments : I have recently started speculating in the local market and wish to get real time updates as to the current trading prices. Is there any way that this can be done. As well I'd like to know the number of transactions (buy & sell) daily.

Time : Thu, March, 13, 2014 a 12:23:47 pm
Name : Gail Rabbitts
Email :
Comments : I would like to get in touch with whomever manages investor education strategies. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards.

Time : Thu, March, 13, 2014 a 12:20:42 pm
Name : Allan Denoon
Email :
Comments : I have recently received an amended address from TT POST with a Zip code can you provide an email address where I can scan and send to, so you can amend my records at the Central Depository.

Time : Tue, January, 14, 2014 a 10:14:58 am
Name : John de Gannes
Email :
Comments : How can I get an up to date statement of my account at TTCD

Time : Mon, January, 13, 2014 a 07:40:25 am
Email :
Comments : please my sir authorize permeation is the a/c opening ,

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