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Time : Thu, January, 22, 2015 a 11:40:50 am
Name : krovi strel
Email :
Comments : Good day kindly state price to place ads on your website spaces.374-0454

Time : Sat, November, 01, 2014 a 06:29:12 pm
Name : Daniel Tittil
Email :
Comments : When downloading stock prices (CSV), it is only available in daily format. Please allow monthly data to be downloaded. That is last day of the month for the user specified period. Yahoo finance allows daily, monthly,annual as a standard.Thank you

Time : Sat, October, 25, 2014 a 06:46:07 pm
Name : Peter Celestine
Email :
Comments : I am trying to obtain info for 1994 in respect of FCB and RBTT shares. Any recommendations to ascertain the respective values would be welcome. Thanks.

Time : Tue, October, 07, 2014 a 02:46:34 pm
Name : Felix Pereira
Email :
Comments : Your "Company News" box seems "stuck" in August! How about some more recent updates?

Time : Mon, September, 01, 2014 a 10:51:51 am
Name : joan weekes
Email :
Comments : I understand that Flour Mills AGM and NEL'S AGM are both to be held on 18th September at 8.00am and 10.00am respectively. Is there anything that could be done to address this situation since I fear the logistics in getting from one meeting to the n

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